“...a beautiful portrait of how independent movies, the true independent movies, can still move and stir your soul.”
— Slashfilm


While her older sister Jade works full time to support them, 9-year-old Jasmine spends her days retreating into imaginary lunar landscapes and exploring secret places. When her snooping uncovers a troubling family secret, Jasmine runs away from home. Her sister now missing, Jade is forced to turn to a figure of the past to pull her family back together.


Dear Coward is the fourth feature from Shaky Balloon Productions, the first full length feature from director Carol Brandt. The film focuses on the voices in cinema that are not always heard. In filmmaking female likability often overshadows character development. Only in the last several years has the evolution of the feminine antihero come to the forefront, and we hope Dear Coward on the Moon will continue the momentum for not only strong female characters, but realistic and human portrayals of the everyday struggles that Jade and Jasmine encounter.

ABOUT THE Director

A Wisconsin native, Carol Brandt studied film at the UW-Milwaukee, recently graduating in the spring of 2014. Brandt’s student feature, Things Found on the Ground, had its world premiere at the New Orleans Film Festival when she was in her third year of film school. Additionally, it won the Audience Choice Award at the Beloit International Film Festival later that year. Her sophomore short film Give It Up For The Girl, received the Best Wisconsin Film award at the Milwaukee Short Film Festival in the fall of 2014.

From bossing her sisters around while toting her grandmother’s ancient VHS camcorder, to collaborating on several student films throughout her undergraduate career, Brandt has had her eye on movie making from a very young age. She is intrigued by stories that illustrate the complexity of the human heart and its inner workings, and how this can be translated to the screen in countlessly different ways.


THE Cast

THE production team